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How To Use Your gold Card


Upon receiving your gold card shipment, remove the Certificate of Authenticity from the package and place it in a separate, secure location. This certificate includes all the unique QR-Code numbers for each of your cards and will allow you to report the correct card numbers, in the event that your card(s) are lost or stolen.


Simply scan the QR-Codes on each of your cards to authenticate them on the Treasury Vault website. This will allow the Authenti-Metal automated system to begin providing you with our patent-pending Authenti-Metal fraud protection. It will also provide assurance to you that your cards are authentic.

Each Treasury Vault Card has a unique QR-code and number that identifies it. You, or any merchant, can scan this code, using a QR reader on your smartphone, to authenticate and find your card’s minute-by-minute value. You may also do this manually on the Treasury Vault website. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download a QR code reader. Once your card’s QR code has been scanned, or the number has been entered manually on our website, you will automatically be shown all relevant card data, including date of manufacture, element, weight, purity, up-to-the-minute retail value of your card, as well as the good standing of the card itself.


If the card has been reported as lost or stolen, simply enter the card’s number into the registry and it will be labeled as lost or stolen on the website. Anytime such a card is scanned, it will flash as lost or stolen and generate a warning, in order to help discourage the card’s acceptance by a new buyer or merchant. This serves as a unique security feature and acts as a valuable tool to anyone who may purchase that card in the future, ensuring that the card is in good standing.