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Knowing Your Options: What Investments Can I Make with an IRA?

If you’ve decided to make investments with an Individual Retirement Account, congratulations! you’ll be greatly diversifying your retirement portfolio by tapping into a well kept financial secret. Don’t let the restrictions on IRA investments fool you. Because the IRA investment is a niche market, you can take full advantage of it in unique ways and make investments that will pay off.

It is important, however, to know what type of investments you can and can’t make. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows investors to place a wide variety of assets into self-directed retirement accounts (IRAs), including Currency, Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals and Real Estate. We at Treasury Vault want to help you invest with minimal logistical problems. Here are some investment options and tips on how you can safely navigate them.

Real Estate

Real Estate can be a great IRA investment with diverse financial gain opportunities, but there are challenges that every investor should be aware of. Firstly, it’s important to remember that you can own real estate as an investment only through an IRA. You cannot, for instance, rent out IRA owned property to yourself for any purpose, nor can you provide IRA property for use by family members or acquaintances. For most IRA investors, this isn’t a huge obstacle if they understand these restrictions upfront.

It’s also important to keep in mind that your IRA must have sufficient liquid assets to pay any and all expenses of the property. Investing in a mortgage property can present some potential logistical obstacles and tax problems, and is therefore a less viable real estate investment option. For this and many other reasons, it’s important to receive individual consultation from an IRA administrator so you can receive the optimal financial benefits involved with real estate investment.

Precious Metals

Precious Metals remain an elusive IRA investment, largely due to the fact that, according to the Internal Revenue Code, ownership of precious metal coins and bullion are considered collectibles and therefore not allowed as IRA investments. The big exception, however, is purity. If gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion meet applicable purity standards, they qualify for IRA investment. There are many readily available options that meet these purity standards, including American Gold Eagle coins, American Silver Eagle Coins, and gold and silver bullion with a 99.9% or better purity rating.

Holding restrictions are also crucial to be aware of when making IRA investments in gold and silver. All coins and bullion investments must be organized and held by an IRA trustee, ensuring that the nature of your investment is not confused in the eyes of the IRS by holding it in personal storage facilities like a home safe or safe deposit box.

When investing in precious metals, it’s important to remember that it’s a long-term investment. The demands on gold, from their historical value to the increasing demand in industrial processes and consumer electronics, aren’t going away anytime soon. The fruits of your investment may not present themselves immediately, but over time supply will only get smaller, and your investment in the remaining stores of gold in the world will pay off. Setting up Gold/Silver or Currency IRA investment is a simple process. We are happy to assist you with questions you may have along the way. Please call us at 1.888.348.2441 for step by step assistance.

Foreign Currencies

Unlike precious metal investments, foreign exchange currency investing (FOREX) is a fast moving market where investors can gain large returns in a short amount of time. Making FOREX investments through a self-directed IRA is a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio, a critical move according to financial professionals to the world’s leading financial professionals.   

The first step in making an IRA FOREX investment is to roll over money from your pre-existing IRA into a currency IRA. As long as the rollover is fully executed in 60 days, there are no penalties or taxes associated with the process. Once you’re currency IRA is fully functional, you’ll need to appoint a dealer to facilitate your exchange. We at Treasury Vault are dedicated to streamlining the FOREX process and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Contact us today for all your IRA investment needs.