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Choosing the Right Safe

Sometimes the best security should be in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We at Treasury Vault highly recommend home safe’s for those items you want to have close to you and secure as any other asset. When choosing the right home safe, there are a variety of factors to consider. Here are a few of them...

What are you putting in your safe?

The first thing to consider when choosing a safe is knowing what you’re going to put in it. Most often, the primary use of a home safe is to protect personal, “hard-to-replace” items. Though a safety deposit box is traditionally the best place to store items like jewelry, rare coins, antique collectible items, etc., you may want to opt out of an auxiliary security service in favor of keeping these items close to you. These items often have sentimental in addition to monetary value, and in these cases a home safe is still a viable option.

The best use of a home safe is to store irreplaceable legal documents, birth certificates, old family photos, passport, family heirlooms, and other irreplaceable items. Putting items like these in a home safe allows you to have exclusive control over their handling and protection. You may also want to put guns or other objects in your safe to keep securely out of reach of children. When it comes to the size of your safe, the general rule of thumb in the industry is to buy bigger than you think you need. Home safe users are almost always surprised and disappointed with how quickly room in their safe fills up.

What are you protecting against?

Once you’ve decided what exactly you’re going to put in your safe, it’s crucial to consciously decide what you are protecting these items against. In addition to burglary protection, fire and water resistance are always factors to consider. Some safes are more fire resistant than others, while many safes offer little in protection against water intrusion. In many cases, water resistance isn’t a huge concern, and a highly water resistant safe may be out of your budget, but a basic rule of thumb in picking a safe is ensuring protection against as many unexpected intrusions as possible.

When protecting against burglary, you’ll undoubtedly want a safe with a top-of-the-line lock system. While there are many great state-of-the-art lock options in the market today, it should always be noted  that technology doesn’t automatically mean greater security. Traditional lock systems are usually every bit as secure as electronic ones, depending on how big your budget is. Whatever your price range, we our safe and vault specialists at Treasury Vault will help you find the most effective security system within your price range.

Where are you putting it?

Where you place your safe can greatly contribute or take away from its security. For instance, a lot of home safe owners put their safe in the master bedroom—most often the first place burglars go. If you have the space and aesthetic capability for it, you’ll want to put your safe in area that burglars might not think to look, like a hideaway closet or floor-level kitchen cupboard. The size of your house may make it simply impractical to put your safe in a place off a burglar’s radar. In this case you’ll want to up the security of your lock system and focus less on fire and water resistance.

Treasury Vault by Fort Knox offers a complete line of safes and vaults that maintain the highest quality security features in the industry. Email us at, or call us (435) 668-5316 for more information. We’re ready to connect you with your ideal home safe.