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Vietnamese Dong Secured Reserve

SELECT this option to Securely Reserve 1 Million VND by paying only $99 for an ALL IN ONE BUNDLE (880,000 VND) consisting of EVERY VND denomination note (500,000 note, 200,000 note, 100,000 note, 50,000 note, 20,000 note, and a 10,000 note) for EACH quantity you enter. It will be sent immediately upon receipt of your payment. It will also be Securely Reserving a 30 day right to purchase 1,000,000 VND (2 of the 500K denomination notes) at a locked rate of $78 per Million (per Million you have reserved), regardless of a rate change in the VND.

Delivered Immediately After Payment Received

Vietnamese dong 880000

$99 Per Million Reserved


30 Day Right to Purchase

25 K Dinar

1 Million VND @ $78 per million