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Customer Sales/Buy-Back Request Page

Do You Wish to Sell Your Currency Notes to Us?

Thank you for your interest in wanting to sell your currency notes to us.  Please note that we currently only offer to purchase New Iraqi Dinar currency units that are in "New" or "Uncirculated" condition. 

Please fill out the form below to submit your application to sell your Iraqi Dinar (NEW Notes Only) to Treasury Vault. Your submission of this form does not obligate Treasury Vault to purchase your currency notes from you, but it does alert Treasury Vault of your desire to sell your notes to us.

For detailed instructions about what you need to do in order to sell your currency to us and what that process entails, please refer to the “Step-by-Step Customer Sell-Back Instructions” and the "Customer Currency Sell-Back Questions" sections underneath the form below.

You may also contact us directly by calling us at (888) 348-2441.


Step-by-Step Customer “Sell-Back” Instructions

1) Contact Treasury Vault with your desire to sell your notes by filling in the ENTIRE contact form below.

2) You are required to provide us with your Full Name, a Legitimate Email Address, and a Contact Phone Number where we can reach you.

3) Within the “Subject” field, please type: CUSTOMER SELL REQUEST

4) Within the “Your Message” open text box, please indicate…

  • The condition of your currency (i.e. Crisp New, Clean Like-New, Good, Fair, Poor, or any combination thereof)
  • The amount of currency you wish to sell
  • The denomination sizes you wish to sell (i.e. 25K note, 10K note, 5K note, 1K note, 500 note, or 250 note)

5) Once all the information above is complete, click “Send” to submit your request.

6) Should we decide we wish to inspect your Dinar for purchase, we will require you to send your Dinar to our attention to the following address:

Send to: TCV Management LLC
Address: 13552 S. 110 W., Suite #203, Draper, UT 84020

7) Upon inspection, we will contact you with either verifying our desire to purchase the notes from you, or informing you we will be shipping the notes back.

Please Note: You may also contact us directly by calling us at (888) 348-2441.  Also, though we appreciate your desire to work with us in this way, and give us the opportunity to purchase your currency notes, we reserve the right to refuse any purchase of currency notes we deem to be illegally acquired, invalid, counterfeit, or for any other reason.


Customer Currency “Sell Back” Questions

Q: How much money will I get for my Dinar when I sell it back to you?
A: $775 per Million Dinar

Q: How will I get my money?
A: After we have received your Dinar, we will inspect it and count it.  As soon as we have gone through the verification process, we will send your money within 5-7 business days.

Q: How do I receive payment for my Dinar?
A: Standard delivery is via overnight cashier's check. If you wish to receive payment through another method, please contact us.