The Egyptian Pound

Going back from the Ancient Egyptians through today, the area now known as Egypt has seen quite a few forms of currency. The most recent of these forms of currency—and the one that is currently being used today—is the Egyptian pound. Read on to get a brief overview of the Egyptian pound’s history and how

All About the Singapore Dollar

As mentioned in our recent post about the Tunisian dinar, a true mark of independence for a country is when it begins to issue its own currency. The same is true for Singapore and the Singapore dollar, nicknamed “Sing.” Read on for a brief history of the Singapore dollar and a quick look to how it

The Best Places to Keep a Home Safe or Vault

If you’re looking to purchase a safe or vault, you may be wondering which space it should occupy in your home in order to best protect valuable items and precious metals. The short answer is this: Keep your safe or vault in a location that makes for convenient usage. There are other things to keep