Common Errors in Coin Minting

Earlier this month, we covered 4 major error coins from around the world—some of which are worth thousands of dollars today. Now, here is a brief look at the wide variety of mint-made errors that coin collectors look for in their coin collections. Off-Center Striking One of the most common minting errors occurs when a

The Chilean Peso

The Chilean peso is the official form of currency in the South American country of Chile. It is a unit-based form of currency with the peso functioning as the currency’s smallest unit. Here is a brief history of the Chilean peso, followed by a description of its coins and banknotes. A Brief History The history

4 Valuable Error Coins from around the World

Error coins—what are they, exactly? Simply put, they are coins that were manufactured incorrectly at some point in the minting process. These mint errors can be wide-ranging, with some examples being off-center striking, double striking, indents, or even improper metals used. Depending on the error, error coins can still find their way into circulation, and

The Saudi Riyal

The Saudi riyal is the official form of currency of Saudi Arabia and has been since the country came into being. The currency is abbreviated SR. Here is a brief history of the Saudi riyal as well as a description of its banknotes and coinage. A Brief History The word “riyal” comes from the Spanish