An Overview of Banknote Printing

Paper currency had its beginnings when individuals used to bring gold coins to the bank and exchange them for a receipt from the bank, which promised to repay them for their gold coins. The ease of use and tremendous portability of these receipts are what have made paper currency the norm around the world today.

All About the Thailand Baht

The Thai baht is the currency of Thailand and is divided into 100 satang. It is issued by the Bank of Thailand. Its ISO 4217 code is THB, and it is the tenth most most frequently used form of currency in the world. The symbol used for the Thai baht is ฿. A Brief History

All About the Mexican Peso

The Mexican peso is the currency of Mexico and happens to be the eighth most traded form of currency in the world. The peso is subdivided into 100 centavos, and it uses the $ (or Mex$) and ¢ symbols for pesos and centavos, respectively. Its ISO 417 code is MXN. Read on for a brief