Flat Tax: Pros and Cons

In the United States, we have what is called a progressive tax rate, along with most other industrialized countries in the world. This is a tax plan where different levels of income are taxed at different rates. With it comes a complicated array of breaks, exemptions, and penalties. It has become complicated enough that we

Full Employment Explained

We hear a lot of hoopla about unemployment, when it comes to discussions about the strength of the economy. This is rightfully so, as high levels of unemployment can cause a rise in human rights issues, such as poverty, crime, and homelessness. However, what exactly does it mean to eliminate unemployment? In economics, we have

What Does a Falling Euro Mean for the U.S. pt. 1

Since the very beginning of the European Union and the creation of its currency, the euro, the dollar and the euro have been caught in a never-ending dance of fluctuation value with each other. Traditionally, the euro has typically been at a higher value than the dollar, and that is still true today. However, the

Countries with the Flat Tax

Recently, we’ve taken a look at some of the pros and cons of the flat tax system. However, it is also important to take a look at how this has worked in practice, around the world. While most of the planet doesn’t use a flat tax system, there are certainly countries who have, or still

What is Monetarism?

There are many different economic theories that have, at some point, dominated the economic discussion during the 20th century. The economic institutions that run the economy of industrialized nations have toyed around with several methods of practice and theory in order to yield a stronger, more sustainable economy. While Keynesian economics has certainly been the