The Weakness of Abenomics

Japan is one of the the largest economies on the planet. To be precise, it is the third-largest, behind only the United States and China. However, its current economy might be in a bit of a pickle, due to Shinzo Abe, the two-term Prime Minister of Japan, and his, until now, relatively successful economic program,

Japan’s Economic Evolution

If we measure by nominal GDP, the three largest economies in the world belong to the United States, China, and Japan. Japan, though, didn’t always have the foundation to be such an economic powerhouse. The country has had an interesting journey from being an imperialist theocracy that fought against the Allied powers in World War

Growth Is Relative

Today, we measure the health and success of national economies (as well as regional economies) by the growth of their GDP. The thinking is that the more a country is able to grow its GDP, the better that country must be doing at individual factors, such as trade, employment, and industrialization. However, it’s important to

Top Business Languages in the World

The way that we communicate with each other is one of the most important fundamentals of business to understand. Multicultural communication has taken the world from separate nations to a fully-functioning global economy, one where industries and economics can transcend borders for the benefit of all mankind. This is what makes language so important in

China’s Growth Problem

China’s economy is everybody’s problem. The two highest purchasing powers in the world, the United States and the European Union, both depend on China’s highly lucrative manufacturing industry to fuel many business endeavors. The relative size of China’s economy and population makes it a force of nature in global economic networks. If China experiences a

Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth pt. 2

This is a continuation of Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth pt. 1 Maturity After the initial take-off, an economy much move towards a maturity stage, or else it runs the risk of major instability and contraction, after the initial boom. The industrial sector of the economy begins to diversify and take over multiple industries. New

Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth pt. 1

One of the most important elements of economics is the ability to map out the path to economic growth and prosperity. This, historically, has proven to be a rather difficult thing to do, as there are many factors and ideologies that go into the equation of growth. What works for one country may not work

Rebuilding Economies in the Middle East

In the past decade, many countries in the Middle East have struggled with economic development. This isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon, however, as several countries in the region have always struggled to gain an economic footing, for a variety of reasons. However, many countries have certainly regressed on some economic progress that was made. This