The Design of the Iraqi Dinar

Did you know that in Japan, banknotes are printed with the images of famous scientists and writers? The recent debate in the United States regarding a woman on a major bill made everyone take a good look at what currency means to a country. That’s why taking a closer look at the art and design

Vietnam’s Demographics Give Us a Glimpse into its Future

One of the most significant things that we learned from President Obama’s recent visit to Vietnam (May 2016) is the tone and outlook of the country’s population, which gives us valuable insight into the future of the country. Concerns Going Forward Although Vietnam’s transition from a communist dictatorship to a market-based economy has fueled tremendous

Vietnam’s Place in the World Market

Vietnam’s economic pillars are exports and tourism, although it also sees a lot of support from foreign investment in its stock market, as many international investors are cluing into its steady growth as it transitions from a communist nation into a posterchild for the free market. Foreign Investment and the Stock Market An important part

Vietnam’s Transition to a Market Economy

With President Obama’s visit to Vietnam in May of 2016, we thought it would be a good time to focus on Vietnam and how it’s doing. For the beginners out there (and some of us old hats, too) here’s a brief overview of the history of economic reform in Vietnam, and its transition to a