Did The UN Iraq Sanctions Affect Iraq’s Economy?

In 1990, the United Nations applied stringent economic sanctions against the government of Saddam Hussein. Although they were lifted in 2003, after a US-led military coalition ousted him from power, its residual effects still impact Iraq. In this article, we will discuss how these Iraq sanctions have slowed down the country’s economic recovery. 4 WAYS THE UN’S IRAQ SANCTIONS AFFECTED IRAQ’S ECONOMY  

What Happens When a Country Goes Through Demonetization?

A government may demonetize a certain denomination of coins or banknotes to reform their national currency. By outlawing a high denomination, they try to fix monetary problems, like the widespread dissemination of a counterfeit currency note, a history of corporate tax evasion, or a burgeoning black money market economy. 6 COUNTRIES THAT HAVE GONE THROUGH DEMONETIZATION   Demonetization in the Soviet Union Demonetization in North

3 Reasons the Kuwaiti Dinar Surged After the Iraqi Invasion

Investors all over the world following dinar updates are waiting for the Iraqi dinar to revalue. Many have pinned their hopes for a change in the value of this currency on the example set by the Kuwaiti dinar. Although the value of the Kuwaiti dinar fell after Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, it is now the strongest currency in the world. Is it possible that the Iraqi dinar will rebound similarly? 3 REASONS THE KUWAITI DINAR SURGED AFTER THE IRAQI INVASION   The Central Bank

6 Things to Know About Iraq’s President Barham Salih

As an investor—particularly if you’re a long-term investor in the Iraqi Dinar—learning about Barham Salih, the president of Iraq, will give you a better understanding of the country’s future. The faster Iraq can make an economic recovery, the sooner you can expect the Iraqi Dinar to revalue. By understanding the role that the president plays

Top 10 Most Expensive Metals in the World

If you regularly read our articles to keep up with the world of investments, you already know that gold and silver are two excellent precious metal investments. Many investors buy gold bullion to diversify their risks, while other precious metals investors prefer silver bullion because it’s more affordable. There are many more valuable metals that

Top 7 Worst Cases of Currency Hyperinflation in History

What do out-of-control national budgets, social upheavals, political chaos, wars, civil wars, revolutions, and government corruption have in common? They result in hyperinflation, a national crisis triggered by accelerated inflation. Hyperinflation erodes the real value of money while increasing the price of goods. When this happens to a country, the purchasing power of its currency