Top 10 Most Expensive Metals in the World

If you regularly read our articles to keep up with the world of investments, you already know that gold and silver are two excellent precious metal investments. Many investors buy gold bullion to diversify their risks, while other precious metals investors prefer silver bullion because it’s more affordable. There are

Top 7 Worst Cases of Currency Hyperinflation in History

What do out-of-control national budgets, social upheavals, political chaos, wars, civil wars, revolutions, and government corruption have in common? They result in hyperinflation, a national crisis triggered by accelerated inflation. Hyperinflation erodes the real value of money while increasing the price of goods. When this happens to a country, the

The Beginner’s Guide to Politics in Middle Eastern Countries

The Middle East is often characterized by profound uncertainties. Many Middle Eastern countries experience alliances and dissolutions, war and peace, popular uprisings, and military coups. It’s important for investors to understand how the events in the Middle East news affect the region’s economy, currency, and investment opportunities. 11 IMPORTANT THINGS

4 Ways Oil Prices Impact Opec Countries’ Economy and Currency

What does OPEC stand for? OPEC stands for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. The OPEC cartel dominates oil and gas supply around the world and influences crude oil prices in both oil-producing countries and oil-purchasing countries. It’s important for global investors to understand how OPEC’s policies affect the economies

Should I Invest in Chile Currency? 4 Pros and Cons of the Chilean Peso

On the southwest coast of South America, neighboring Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru, is the country of Chile. It’s a stable country on a continent often rocked by political unrest and economic crises. One clear marker of its economic success is its robust currency. Although the currency shows promise and potential,

Indonesian Currency is Declining – is now the Best Time to Invest in Rupiah?

Since 1997, Indonesia’s national currency has had multiple revaluations because of inflation. Even though Indonesian currency is declining, the Indonesian rupiah fares much better than other emerging nations because of the country’s consistent focus on long-term economic development planning. Is now the best time to invest in the rupiah? THE

Did Donald Trump Buy Iraqi Dinar?

Many people in the United States have now purchased millions of Iraqi dinars. They believe their investment will pay off in spades because President Donald Trump will help to revalue the currency. Is this belief based on fact or fiction? Is it a wild speculation, a longing for sudden riches,

5 Ways Political Turmoil has Affected Venezuela’s Currency and Economy

The Venezuelan economic crisis may rank amongst the worst to affect any country in recent years. News reports about Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro outline how bad things are right now. Venezuela’s political situation has severely affected its economy and currency. 5 WAYS POLITICAL TURMOIL HAS AFFECTED VENEZUELA’S CURRENCY AND ECONOMY

3 Investments to Consider During Retirement Planning

When planning for retirement, it’s important to focus on creating a well-diversified portfolio. According to this long-held investment advice, if you invest in a number of assets and some fail, the others will cover the losses and still provide you with surplus income. If you are planning for retirement, consider

5 Ways International Trade Affects Currency Rates

Understanding the relationship between international trade and currency exchange rates will help you invest in currencies to build your portfolio. Countries are frequently renegotiating international trade deals to get a comparative advantage. When one country makes a significant change, it can affect the value of currency in other countries. There

The Latest Dinar Recaps for the Dinar Gurus at Treasury Vault

On October 15, 2003, a new Iraqi dinar was released at Saddam Hussein’s deposition, after the US-led coalition overthrew the government of Iraq. When investing in the Iraqi dinar, you have to do your own research to get the latest dinar recaps and news. In this article, we will review

4 Foreign Investments that are Worth Adding to your Portfolio

Foreign investment is when you invest in overseas assets or buy an ownership stake in a company in another country. There are certain foreign investments you should consider adding to your portfolio. By examining the decisions made by top investors, you can develop a sound foreign investment strategy. 4 FOREIGN

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