The Iraqi Dinar as an Alternative Investment

In Alternative Investments for an Increasingly Volatile Stock Market, we discussed foreign currencies – particularly exotic currencies – as an alternative investment for the next bear market in stocks. In that context, the Iraqi Dinar is a particularly attractive alternative investment Alternative investments are the types of assets that tend to

Alternative Investments for an Increasingly Volatile Stock Market

Last week in Are Stocks Starting to Get Spooky? we discussed that 2018 has ushered in a time of volatility in stocks not seen since the Financial Meltdown. Common sense should dictate that after nine years of steady gains in stocks, the end of the current bull market may be in sight.

Are Stocks Starting to Get Spooky?

Are you starting to get spooked by the daily swings in the stock market? 2018 has introduced us to a level of volatility in the market that hasn’t been seen since the Financial Meltdown. One day the market is down 400 points, the next day it’s up 200. This back-and-forth

Why You Should Open a Self-Directed IRA – Even if You Don’t Get a Tax Deduction

It’s tax season once again, and many taxpayers are deciding whether or not to make an IRA contribution. But did you know that you should make an IRA contribution, even if you don’t get a tax deduction? You should open up a self-directed IRA, and make contributions each and every

Are Stocks and Bonds Really the Only Assets You Need in Your Portfolio?

With the bull market in stocks that began in 2009 (1982 if you consider the longer-term super bull market), it’s common for investors to hold portfolios consisting entirely of stocks and bonds. But are stocks and bonds really the only assets you need in your portfolio? It may seem that way now,

The Outlook for the Iraqi Dinar in 2018

No one has a crystal ball, so it’s impossible to make future projections with any real accuracy. But based on the current state of events in Iraq, and in countries in the region – as well as globally – we’re going to give our best estimate for the outlook for

Preparing Your Investment Portfolio for the Next Economic Downturn

In modern economies, we pretty well understand downturns to be a normal part of the economic process. But recessions lead not only to job losses and economic decline – they also affect investments. Though it doesn’t seem to be true in recent years, the realities of the financial markets are

Why Now is the Best Time to Have a Gold IRA – Treasury Vault

In an investment universe dominated by paper assets, holding at least some gold bullion is an outstanding strategy. It’s not that you’re betting against your paper assets, particularly stocks. But more that your preparing your most important portfolio – your retirement plan – to be prepared for whatever might happen.

Why You Should Add “Exotic” Currencies to Your Investment Portfolio

Exotic currencies come under the category of “high risk/high reward” investments. Some would even say that they aren’t investments at all. They may be better termed as speculations, but ones that have the kind of upside potential that can’t be ignored. Let’s explore why you should add exotic currencies to

Are Your Investments Prepared for a MAJOR Fall in the US Dollar?

Most Americans don’t concern themselves with the value of US dollar. That’s because the dollar has been incredibly steady in recent decades. We’ve come to see currency problems as an issue for other countries, but not the US. However, America has not been immune to the ravages of a currency

Why Silver Could be the Ultimate Disaster Insurance

Millions of people understand and appreciate gold as a form of disaster insurance. Because of its high unit value, a small amount can represent a form of insurance for an investment portfolio filled with paper assets. Silver can do that as well, and also provide options for every day financial

Bitcoin vs. Gold – Are Crypto Currencies the New Gold?

Bitcoin has experienced an incredible run-up in price in recent years. This has caused many to speculate that crypto currencies are the new gold. Practically since paper currencies became the norm, investors have been searching for a medium of exchange and store of value that’s not issued (and manipulated) by

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