10 Reasons Why Gold is a More Valuable Portfolio Holding Than Ever

The typical portfolio is loaded up primarily with a combination of stocks and some form of fixed income investments, like bonds. Alternative investments, such as gold, are far less common. But that needs to change. There are 10 reasons why gold is a more valuable portfolio holding than ever before.

Where is the Gold Market Right Now?

Gold has been a fairly quiet investment over the past three or four years. That’s because the economic and financial situations in both the US and much of the rest of the industrialized world have been stable. There are problems to be sure, but at the moment they’re largely seen

Investing in the Chinese Yuan

The Chinese yuan, also referred to as the renminbi (“the people’s money”), is the legal tender issued by China’s monetary authority, the People’s Bank of China. The official currency has a floating exchange rate and China’s central bank controls its valuation in relation to other major currencies like the US

How to Buy Gold – And What to Watch Out For When You Do

Investors frequently say “I’m going to buy gold.” But what does that actually mean? How do you buy gold? And if you’ve never purchased it before, how do you know what to watch out for when you do? It turns out that there’s no one way to buy gold. You can do

Iraq’s Economy in 2017

Iraq’s economy has been languishing ever since the 2003 coalition invasion of that country. There’s been some improvement in the economy, but it comes in fits and starts. The economy makes significant progress for a time, and then reverses due to both internal and external factors. This includes the price

Will Iraqi Dinar Revalue

WILL THE IRAQI DINAR REVALUE? Despite the recent history of the Iraqi dinar being so weak, the potential for an Iraqi dinar revalue could be a game changer. A revaluation could take the currency out of the global currency basement, and put it back up on the main floor –

The Iraqi Dinar vs the U.S. Dollar, and Other Currencies

The early part of October is proving to be a time of stability in the currency markets, particularly in regard to Iraqi dinar vs. other currencies. What Iraqi dinar is worth has remained in a holding pattern, as it has for much of 2017. What is Iraqi dinar rate is

Where Can I Buy Iraqi Dinar Online?

The Iraqi Dinar is the official currency of the nation of Iraq, and has been circulating since 1932. The currency trades in denominations from 50 notes the 25,000 notes. Unless you live in Iraq, or the surrounding countries, it can be a fairly difficult currency to get. Let’s take a

What is the Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate?

This is a question that all investors and would-be investors in the Iraqi dinar must be aware of at all times. Currency prices can change quickly, and often on very short notice. A single significant news event affecting the issuing country can cause large swings in the exchange rate, in

How to Use Your IRA to Invest in Iraqi Dinar

That’s probably not an investment you ever gave serious consideration to in your IRA. But one of the best long-term strategies for an IRA, or any other type of retirement account, is to diversify as broadly as possible. Sure, you want to invest in traditional investments, like fixed income and

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