Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Safe for Your Home

Many homeowners feel that their possessions are secure simply hidden in a private location in the home, or they resort to storing precious metals in a bank account. But for many reasons, purchasing a safe or vault for your home is your best bet. Here is a quick overview of why a new safe or vault for your home might be the best option for you.

More Difficult to Steal

With its large size and extremely heavy weight (safes can easily weigh 1,000 pounds), a safe is much more difficult to steal than personal belongings stored in a secret location are. Many even opt to anchor their safes by bolting or concreting them down to the floor, making them virtually impossible for burglars to displace.

Easy Access

While you are in many ways paying for peace of mind when you purchase a safe, you are also paying for convenience. A well-placed safe will grant you easy access to your personal belongings while protecting them from potential thieves, so that you can always access them when necessary.

On a related note, for tips on where to install a newly purchased safe in your home, see our blog post titled The Best Places to Keep a Home Safe or Vault.

Protection from Natural Disaster

A safe will keep personal belongings—especially important documents—much safer from the elements than any location in the home could. Safes are made to withstand strong winds and floods, and they are available in a variety of fireproof ratings. And as an added bonus, some home insurance companies will even give you a slightly reduced rate if you happen to own a qualified safe.

No Annual Fee

Many feel that they would rather store their personal belongs in a safety deposit box or in a bank vault—which can be great options—but the downside of these options is that there are fees attached to them. With a safe, you are making an investment that will last you for years to come, as you will not have to pay annual fees to protect your personal belongings, and the safe itself, as long as it is of high quality, will be built to last.

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