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Setting Up A Self-Directed IRA Account: It’s Simple.

Treasury Vault makes it possible for you to purchase physical currency and/or precious metals within a self-directed IRA.

Financial professionals across the globe all agree that asset diversification is critical. Unfortunately, most Americans don't realize the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows investors to place a wide variety of assets into self-directed retirement accounts (IRAs), including Currency, Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals and Real Estate.

Setting up a self-directed IRA is simple, however there are mandatory rules enforced by the IRS that govern these types of IRA accounts. For instance, you may not be in physical possession of the assets held within your IRA. These must be secured in a depository or independent facility. Fortunately there are companies that specialize in the setting up and administering of self-directed IRAs such as American Pension Services and Entrust.

Treasury Vault can assist you in working with the IRA Administrator of your choice while also providing your IRA with the physical currency or commodities we have to offer.

Precious Metals or Currency IRA Accounts

Setting up Gold/Silver or Currency IRA investment is a simple 4 step process. We are happy to assist you with questions you may have along the way. Please call us at 1.888.348.2441 for step by step assistance.


Step 1: Roll it Over


The first step in setting up a Gold/Silver or Currency IRA is to roll over your current IRA or 401K into a Currency IRA. This process has no associated penalties or taxes. Simply open an account with a major retirement service provider and roll over all or a portion of your current IRA or 401k. You can also set-up a completely new self-directed IRA account.


Step 2: Choose Your Dealer


Appoint Treasury Vault as your IRA Currency and/or Precious Metals Dealer.


Step 3: Make a Trade


Choose the currency and/or precious metals for your retirement needs and complete a trade.


Step 4: Receive a Payment Confirmation


Receive a payment confirmation from Treasury Vault and track your shipment to the depository of your choice.


Gold & Silver IRA - FAQs

How do I fund my account?

Begin by opening an account with any of the IRA providers listed under “Step 1.″ After you've opened your account, you can transfer funds from other accounts, rollover an existing IRA or 401K account or make new contributions.

Can I store the precious metals I order?

No, you can't. Each trust company uses a depository where your precious metals are stored. You can't receive the delivery of precious metals yourself.

How are my precious metals stored?

Storage varies from each IRA service provider. Some providers offer segregated or non-segregated storage in vaults. Segregated storage means your precious metals are stored separately from others' goods. Non-segregated means your precious metals will likely be mixed with similar precious metals of the same purity and weight. Be sure to ask your IRA consultant what kind of storage they offer.

Can I add precious metals I already have to a new Precious Metal IRA?

No. However, you can rollover currency from other IRA accounts or purchase and fund precious metals via bank transfer.

What will happen when my IRA matures?

You can liquidate your account through Treasury Vault and turn it into cash or request your currency physically by way of delivery.

How much does it cost to open a precious metal IRA?

Opening an account is very affordable but prices vary from each provider. Setup fees are usually around $50, with an annual fee of around $75. Storage is charged separately and generally priced at an annual amount of $125.

What kinds of precious metals can I purchase for my IRA?


American Eagle Coin & Proof American Eagle Coin & Proof
Pamp/Credit Suisse Bars .999 Fine Australian Kookaburra
Canadian Maple Leaf Canadian Maple Leaf
Austrian Philharmonic Austrian Philharmonic

Gold Bars-.995+Fine that are accredited by Comex/Nymex

Silver Bars-.999+ Fine that are accredited by Comex/Nymex
Australian Nugget/Kangaroo  
U.S. Buffalo Uncirculated version  









Which coins are eligible for a Precious Metal IRA?

The American Proof Gold and Silver Eagle are both eligible for a precious metal IRA. These uncirculated coins are a collector’s version and must have all the paper work provided by the U.S mint and its original box.

Why should I invest in Proof Coins?

Proof coins are one of the most secure coins to use, because they are unique. Since they differ from the mass-produced bullion products, they are considered to be non-confiscatable. This means the government can’t force you to sell your coins in time of crisis for less than what they’re worth. American Eagle Proof coins are of the highest quality, and their value is only expected to increase in the coming years.

Proof coins are highly-collectible, limited editions of an American Gold Eagle coin. Everything from coin rarity to condition to age affects the value of these coins. These coins are minted every year, and often sell out very quickly. The value of gold, combined with the collectability of the coin, drives its value up or down. These proof values are registered on the market and are usually more stable than gold bullion, making them the most stable form of gold on the market.

Is a Currency IRA more stable than a traditional IRA?

A Currency IRA functions much like a traditional IRA fund. Gold IRA investing plans are among the safest and most reliable on the market. Because of this, they continue to increase in popularity. Gold is one of the most important investments you can make. Keep this in mind: an investment of 25,000 dollars in select gold coins in the early 1970s would be worth over half a million dollars today. 

You won't regret investing in a Gold/Silver IRA. If you have any questions about gold IRA rules, or if you want to learn more about opening a Morgan gold IRA or other gold IRA account, please contact us. We would love to share our wealth of knowledge and get you started on your own gold IRA.

*Please make your own decision regarding which IRA custodian you choose. Tax laws regarding retirement accounts are constantly changing, and we do not give tax advice. You should speak with a certified tax advisor before making decisions regarding your retirement account.