400 Chinese Yuan


400 Chinese Yuan (Banknote denominations will vary from order to order)

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In this order you will receive 400 Chinese Yuan, the official currency of China, for each quantity ordered when entered. Your order will come to you in any of the banknote currency unit denominations shown below.


The Chinese Yuan, denoted by CNY, is the official currency in China. Yuan in Chinese literally means a “round object” or “round coin” and is thus considered the base unit of a currency. When pronounced correctly, the word “yuan” should sound like the English word “wren”. Images of five of China’s most famous landmarks are presented on the bank notes of 5th edition of the Renminbi – the Chinese currency. The bank notes represent 5 famous places highlighted in China: 100 Yuan – The Great Hall of the People in Beijing, 50 Yuan – The Potala Palace in Tibet, 20 Yuan – The Li River in Guilin, 10 Yuan – The Yangtze River, 1 Yuan – West Lake in Hangzhou.


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