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Sell Currency


   Sell Your Iraqi Dinar - Safe and Easy!   

        Treasury Vault currently offers 3 programs for you to sell your Iraqi Dinar     

 Payment is sent to you  in 5 - 7 business days via FedEx Overnight at NO CHARGE!

                                                   Current Rates: 

             New/ Uncirculated notes: $735 USD (per million IQD) 

             Circulated/ Used notes:   $685 USD (per million IQD)


                Vietnamese Dong:  $42 USD (per million VND)


Your currency DID NOT have to be purchased from Treasury Vault to qualify. However, please send your currency and any accompanying materials received when you obtained your Dinar (certificates, envelopes, etc.).

When we receive your Dinar, we will conduct our verification and authentication process. After successful completion, your payment will be sent via FedEx Overnight at No Charge.


Please SELECT ONE for further detail and instruction:

  • Straight Currency Buy Back


  • Within 5 - 7 business days, we will send you $735 USD per Million of Iraqi Dinar in new (uncirculated) condition pending receipt and authentication.


  • Currency Buy Back Secured

    • Within 5 - 7 business days, we will send you $685 USD per Million of Iraqi Dinar in new (uncirculated) condition pending receipt and authentication
    • YOU ALSO reserve the right to buy back IQD up to the amount you've sold through this selection within 60 Days if you choose to do so at a rate of $1200 USD per Million.
    • After 60 days, you no longer reserve the right to purchase the currency you've sold us under this Agreement at the discounted rate.
    • This SECURED Customer Buy Back Agreement can be exercised for each One (1) Million Dinar increment you would like to sell up to 50 MILLION.


  • OR

    • Trade & Sell Foreign Currency


    • We will accept new and/or uncirculated currency as a trade-in for any other currencies or different denominations we offer at a rate of $735 per million. A current rate of $735 per million will be provided for trade ins for commodities such as Silver and Gold. You ONLY get these buy-back/ trade-in rates to use toward purchase of other currencies, denominations, or commodities that Treasury Vault or any of it's affiliates sell.

      Treasury Vault works hard to make it easy and safe to sell Iraqi Dinar, or other foreign currencies. Select one of the above choices for further instruction or call 888.348.2441.