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Directions for participating in the "Trade In" Program:

Start by completing form here then see additional information below: 

Customer "Trade-In" Request



After Completion of Above Form,Send us your currency and all accompanying materials received when you obtained your currency (certificates, envelopes, etc.) to:

TV Management – Att: Receiving Dept.
13552 S. 110 W., Suite 203
Draper, UT 84020

Also include Your name, mailing address, phone number and a copy of your driver’s if you are not a previous Treasury Vault customer.

The sell of foreign currencies other than the Iraqi Dinar can be quoted over the phone or via email prior to having you send in your physical currency for authentication. Please inquire at, or by calling 888.348.2441.

We will accept new and/or uncirculated currency as a trade-in for other currencies or denominations we offer. Currently, we issue a $725 USD credit per million Dinar for 25K, 10K, or 5K denomination notes in this program. You ONLY get this buy-back/ trade-in rate to use toward purchase of other currencies or denominations Treasury Vault sells.


Trade-In MUST occur immediately (within 5 days of approval) following successful validation and authentication of your currency notes.


An example:
A Dinar holder has 10 Million Dinar in uncirculated 25K notes. She/ He chooses to “trade-in” 5 Million of the Dinar to us because she wants to take that 5 Million Dinar and purchase $3,625 worth of Lower Denomination Dinar banknotes from Treasury Vault. She/ He is able to do this by simply sending in the 5 Million Dinar, getting it authenticated, approved, and credited ($3,625) by Treasury Vault’s authorized legal representative. She/ He then may place an order for the $3,625 worth of Lower Denomination Dinar Banknotes at the Treasury Vault site. This program is designed to simply give customers some flexibility. In effect, this gives all Dinar holders the ability to utilize their otherwise static banknotes as a way to move into other products that we offer.