It may be a wonder to some that New Hampshire wasn’t the first State with their own Goldback. Ian Freeman with the Shire Church in New Hampshire kickstarted the production of the New Hampshire Goldback with cryptocurrency profits!


When the original Utah Goldback series was completed the plan was to perhaps not do any additional States. The team was a bit overwhelmed by how popular Goldbacks turned out to be and just how much interest there was to make more of them.


The State of Utah was done first in the second half of 2019, Utah was chosen in large part due to the passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act in 2011 but also because Utah is Goldback’s home state.

The Goldback is the world’s first physical, interchangeable, gold money, that is designed to accommodate even small transactions.

Our Goals

Our goal was to create the best physical money that the world has ever seen. For the first time in human history you can spend physical gold on small transactions such as a smoothie, while using the same type of money for large transactions, such as a remodel on your home. This solves the 2,600 year “small coin problem” with spending gold. Now that we've accomplished that, our new goals are to make the Goldback more available, and to educate people on why they should choose to use sound money.

Our Technology

The creation of the Goldback relies on 5th generation vacuum deposition technology. The designs are printed on a sheet of polymer that is then bombarded with the correct amount of atomized gold particles in a vacuum chamber. This gold is then sealed inside by a second protective barrier of polymer, thus creating a beautiful negative image. Valaurum has been developing the process for nearly two decades and it has never been counterfeited. It is truly the most technologically advanced process for creating a physical gold money in the world today.


The Utah series was the first Goldback series available in 2019. Nevada was quick to follow in 2020. Due to the extreme demand of the first two series, the New Hampshire series was delayed until early 2021. Many more series are in the works

“The Goldback solves a 2,600 year old problem in that gold can be spent in small, interchangeable increments.”


Apocalyptic thunderstorm over downtown with lightning strikes and blasts, lava or burning flames in foreground. Disaster film poster concept

If nothing else, Covid-19 showed just how unprepared many people were for a disruptive event. It pays to prepare for a crisis in advance and to try to be at least a little bit ready for whatever that crisis ends up being.

Some people feel like there may come a day when regular fiat currency will no longer retain much value due to some economic, political, or natural disaster. Over the past century hundreds of fiat currencies have had their values wiped out. For this reason, many people hold some amount of gold and silver. However, it may be difficult to spend a theoretical $1,500 gold coin or even an $80 silver coin for the purchase of toilet paper if an EMP blast wipes out the power grid for several months. It makes sense to keep a portion of this hedge in Goldbacks. The Goldback is the perfect apocalypse money!


Over half of all Goldbacks produced are of the ‘one’ denomination.

Our Experience

Members of our team have been working in the precious metals industry since our General Counsel, Lawrence Hilton, authored and championed the passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act in 2011. The Utah Precious Metals Association formed in 2012 from the “Citizens for Sound Money” and began offering legal tender gold accounts that same year. We have been innovating in the space ever since. Goldback Inc. was founded as a new company in 2019.


Acceptance rate for Goldbacks at small businesses that take cash payments when speaking to the business owner.


Estimated number of individuals that own at least one Goldback.

$16 Million

Cash value of all of the Goldbacks created or in the process of being created.