As a Money Services Business, we follow guidelines from the US Treasury Department regarding transactions where secured funds are involved (cashiers checks or money orders). The US Treasury Department regards these transactions as cash transactions. These rules were set up to identify people who might be illegally laundering money, and are known as the “know your customer” rules, outlined under the Patriot Act Compliance guidelines.

The information that we collect is not shared or used for any reason other than it must be made available in the event we are audited. We only require a driver’s license or other information when the IRS or FinCEN guidelines dictate we do. For orders $1,000 US dollars and above, a social security # for the individual placing the order or the T.I.N. # (tax identification number if ordered through a business) is required in addition to your government issued I.D. This will be required prior to the shipping of your currency. Any questions should be brought to our attention for further explanation.  Should this situation arise with your order, please note we require a legible fax or scanned email image of your drivers license before we will ship the order to you.  You can scan your license and email it to or fax it to 801.881.5558.



Our clients vary from private individuals to corporations, collectors, dealers, foreign governments, investors and speculators. Whether you are looking to make a single small purchase or buy large quantities on an ongoing basis, we welcome your business.