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Jordanian Dinar
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Jordan Dinar

The Jordanian dinar (JOD) is the official currency of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, or Jordan, for short. It has been a highly influential currency in the current state of affairs in the Middle East, which is perhaps fitting, as Jordan was home to the city of Petra, which was the economic envy of the ancient world. The Jordanian dinar is a relatively strong currency, for the region, and is experiencing healthy inflation of 1.7%.


Discussions of a new Jordanian currency emerged in 1946, shortly after Jordan was declared an independent kingdom. By 1949, the Provisional Act No. 35 of 1949 created the Jordan Currency Board, which began to issue Jordanian dinar as the official currency in 1950. Before then, Jordan was technically under the British Mandate of Palestine, and had thus been using the Palestinian pound as its form of currency.

Relation with Israel

Although Jordan and Israel spent decades fighting over the West Bank region, there has been an inextricable link, economically, between the two countries. The Jordanian dinar is frequently used inside of Israel, and has provided crucial relief during periods of destructive hyperinflation experienced by Israel in the 1970’s. Both the Jordanian dinar and the Israeli shekel are used in the West Bank region.

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