100,000 Dinar (400 of the 250 Denomination Notes)


100,000 Dinar (400 of the 250 Denomination Notes)

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In this order you will receive a total of 100,000 New Iraqi Dinar, the official currency of the country of Iraq. Your order will come to you in four hundred (400) notes of the 250 IQD denomination.  




Description of the 250 Dinar (IQD) Denomination Note:







FRONT: The astrolabe. One of the earliest scientific instruments – able to measure the time of day or night and altitude and latitude – conceived by the Greeks it was further developed by medieval Arab astronomers, who used it to help determine the time for fasting during the month of Ramadan.




BACK: The Spiral Minaret in Samarra, built 848-849 A.D. Samarra was then the Abbasid Empire’s capital city.

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