50,000 Dinar (100 of the 500 Denomination Notes)


50,000 Dinar (100 of the 500 Denomination Notes)

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In this order you will receive a total of 50,000 New Iraqi Dinar, the official currency of the country of Iraq. Your order will come to you in one hundred (100) notes of the 500 IQD denomination.  




Description of the 500 Dinar (IQD) Denomination Note:

FRONT: Ducan Dam: The dam is located by Al Zab downside the river within Sulaimania governorate; it is 70 KM far to the north west of Sulaimania city. Dam Type:   A bowed concrete, it half diameter is 120 M, it is top length 360 M. at a width of 8.4 M. Overall Storage Capacity: 6.8 Billion cubic meters




BACK: Winged Bull : It is a huge statue ,its length 4.42 M weighs more than 10 tons , one individual of the couples guards one of the wall doors of the Dur Shrokeen City which was founded by the Assyrian king Surjoon the second (721- 705 B.C.) which Sinhareb , Surjoon’s son has abandoned and transferred the Capital to Nineveh city.

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