All About the Philippine Peso

The peso, known as the ‘piso’ in the Filipino register of the Tagalog language, is the official currency of the Philippines. It is usually denoted with the symbol ₱, with its ISO 4217 code being PHP. Here is a brief history of the Philippine peso and a description of its banknotes and coins. A Brief

Tips for Protecting Your Foreign Currency While Abroad

Traveling abroad is always an exciting opportunity, and many travelers find that coming to a foreign country with all of the exchanged currency that they will need in hand is the easiest way to deal with traveling expenses. While carrying paper and coin currency is convenient—especially since credit cards with magnetic strips are not the

All About the Qatari Riyal

The riyal is the official currency of the State of Qatar, which is located east of Saudi Arabia on the Arabian Peninsula. It is abbreviated as QR or QAR. Read on for a brief history of the riyal and an explanation of banknotes and coins. A Brief History The State of Qatar used the Indian

5 Countries Where the U.S. Dollar Goes Further in 2015

Travel abroad is always an investment made in return for unforgettable experiences, and in some countries it is definitely much more of an investment than in others. Depending on how strong the American dollar is vis-à-vis another international currency, a country might be highly affordable or highly expensive to visit. When the U.S. dollar can