4 Common Coin Security Features

Many are aware of the many security features found in a currency’s banknotes, such as the watermark, microscopic text, and security strip, but much fewer are familiar with the special features of coins that are aimed at making coin forging impossible. And if you previously thought that coins were not in danger of being counterfeited,

All About the Indian Rupee

The rupee is the official form of currency of the Republic of India and is issued by the Reserve Bank of India. It is subdivided into 100 paise. The rupee is represented by the symbol ₹, and its ISO code is INR. Here is a brief history or the Indian rupee, and a description of

A Brief Overview of Coin Minting

Coin minting, or “coining,” refers to the process of manufacturing coins with a stamping technique. It is the most common method for coin manufacture today and differs from an older process of coin manufacture called cast coinage, which involves pouring melted metal into a mold. Coin minting involves the stamping of two coin dies—one for

All About the Brazilian Real

The real (pronounced hey-al, with plural reais pronounced hey-ice) is the official form of currency of Brazil and is represented with the symbol R$. Its ISO code is BRL. The real is divided into 100 centavos. Here is a brief history of the real and a description of its banknotes and coins. A Brief History